UKIP’s Leaflet for Chantry

We have obtained a copy of Alan Cotterell’s UKIP leaflet for Chantry. On the back of it, Alan states his pledge to residents of Chantry with five bullet points. I am now going to go through them.

He says that he will press for unitary Council status for Ipswich, to ensure that our money is better spent on improving Ipswich Town itself, and not everywhere else right across Suffolk. As Ipswich has 19% of the population of Suffolk but gets 21% of the funding from the County Council, the myth that Suffolk County Council spends money on rural areas while spending nothing on Ipswich is not true. Alan Cotterell is also unlikely to be able to do anything to bring a unitary council about by being a county councillor. Such a thing would have to come from Westminster. Also, Ipswich Conservative’s support the creation of an Ipswich Unitary Authority.

He then says that Ipswich needs a northern bypass and not bridges across the Waterfront he claims that £100 Mullion should now be put towards a Northern bypass or more congestion would result on Stoke bridge one way. The whole thing here is completely muddled. The whole idea of the wet dock Crossing is to alleviate congestion around the one-way system so there would be less traffic in College Street and Star Lane. His proposal to have a Northern bypass rather than a wet dock Crossing would actually result in congestion on Stoke Bridge staying the same or getting worse. A Northern Bypass would alleviate congestion in North Ipswich. The Ipswich Conservative policies concerning transport is for the Wet Dock Crossing and also for a Northern bypass. The reality is we need both the Wet Dock Crossing and a Northern bypass. Our MPs are currently working to get the department of Transport to bring a Northern bypass about.

He then says that for 50 years council’s of talked about a Northern Bypass and it never happens. This isn’t true. Before the Southern Bypass and Western Bypass were built nobody ever mentioned anything about a Northern bypass. Because at that point the A14 coming from Bury St Edmund’s was not linked to the A14 going to Felixstowe via the Orwell Bridge and as Ipswich had no bypass at all, Ipswich had major congestion trough freight going to and from Felixstowe.

He then says that he will get Suffolk County Council and it’s Borough council highways department to repair the disgraceful numbers of potholes across the Chantry Estate. First of all, the County Council is repairing the roads. But we all want to see them do it faster. The best way for residents to have potholes fixed is by reporting them here or here

Alan Cotterell’s leaflet says that UKIP will ensure that we do exit the EU as Britain wants. Which County Council department is dealing with Brexit?

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