Disappearance of the Ipswich Zombie Blog

Once upon a time, there was a local political blog called Ipswich Spy. Ipswich Spy used to publish articles with a local political flavour. Local politicians used to visit the site to see how they were being slagged off.

After many years of contradictory political commentary, Ipswich Spy decided to diversify and became DullNews.com. DullNews.com talked about what was happening at the theatre and occasionally about who was drinking in the Pigeon. Sadly nobody was interested in what was being written and as a result the once great blog died.

The calling of a General Election recently caused a supernatural occurance. Somehow, the ancient blog came back to life like a Zombie. For a number of days the Ipswich Zombie Blog posted contradictory stories in regard to the forthcoming General Election.

Recently the Ipswich Zombie Blog seems to have gone back in it’s tomb. Whether it is because this blog was getting all the good stories while the Zombie Blog wasn’t getting any or in it’s Zombie State it only comes out on a full moon, we do not know. We shall have to wait and see to ascertain which explaination is correct.

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2 Responses to Disappearance of the Ipswich Zombie Blog

  1. Jacob says:

    Everyone thought the Spy was no more so why would anyone search just in case? Only a blog with constant blogs works. The Spy is a clear example of this. Also if I want to know what’s on at the regent I’ll search their Web site just like anyone else would.

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