Jeremy Corbyn’s Education Policies

Jeremy of Islington’s education policies are elitist. He wants to give everyone free school diners by taking the ladder away from children of middle earners. He wants to tax private school fees. This means that middle earners who have scraped and addled to get their children a good education will no longer be able to afford it. This means that a private education will be a privilege of the rich and the aspirational middle class will have their aspirations crushed.

Jeremy of Islington also wants to scrap university tuition fees at the expense of the working class. Without tuition fees, tuition would have to be paid for by the government. Obviously the cost of this could be anything according to Dianne Abbott’s Mathematical skills. Obviously due to the magic money tree not existing, how much the government can pay would be limited. This would mean that there would have to be a cap on university places, so that many school leavers would miss out on the opportunity.

Also, it is totally unfair for somebody to leave school and work in a supermarket to pay taxes to allow others to be educated and be able to earn three times as much.

Jeremy of Islington’s education policies create an elitist system for the benefit of the elite and are all about keeping the working class down.

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