Corbyn’s Dumfriesshire Candidate Hates Britian as much as Corbyn does

Jeremy of Islington’s Candidate in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, Douglas of Camden, has said that British troops in Northern Ireland have “blood on their hands.” He has also called the poppy a “propaganda symbol.” He also spread a poster which told the public to form a “queue here to piss on Thatcher’s grave” soon after she died.

What is apparent from this story is that they had to select a Labour councillor from Camden as Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate in this Scottish seat because they couldn’t find anyone locally who agreed with Jeremy of Islington’s abhorrent views.

More here.

The contempt that the North London left have for this country is reason enough for people to vote for strong and stable leadership under Theresa May by voting for Theresa May’s candidates instead of Jeremy of Islington’s candidates

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