Political Campaigning in East Anglia

The political irrelevance that are the Liberal Democrats are having a torrid time in East Anglia and have got rather upset by things on Twitter today. #LibDemsnotwinninghere #Whininghere etc. They have no MP’s in Suffolk and by reports we have received from Norman Lamb’s constituency, they are shortly about to have no MP’s in Norfolk either. Asking for votes from the people so you can overturn the democratic will of the people is never going to be a vote winner. So the glorious prospect of a Lib Dem free East Anglia is possible. Intelligence sources indicate that the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems haven’t done much outside Saint Margaret’s as is their tradition.

Ipswich Labour  were campaigning in East Ipswich yesterday for Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate, Sandy Martin. Also, Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate, Sandy Martin was asked an interesting question at the Suffolk One Hustings. It was “Do you support Jeremy Corbyn?” Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate’s reply was somewhat naunced. He said that he supported the Labour Party. This was a politicians reply in that it didn’t answer the question. So, does Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate, Sandy Martin support Jeremy Corbyn?

East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has received a rather interesting Email from Militant Momentum. It claims that Militant Momentum can win the General Election for Jeremy of Islington. It talks about campaign weekends where battleground seats are flooded by Corbyn’s henchtrots. It is basically a strategy taken from Bernie Saunders failed Presidential campaign.

It also has a link to  a list of marginal seats so you can see their target seats within your local vicinity. What is very, very, very interesting about this list is the target seats in East Anglia. They are Norwich South and Cambridge. So the two local target seats are presently Labour. So they believe they are going to win the election by defending what they’ve already got.

We have heard reports from Norwich South that indicate that Clive Lewis could well lose his seat and obviously it would be good if the Conservatives won Norwich South because it would make East Anglia (Norfolk and Suffolk) Labour free. The Conservatives have an excellent candidate in Lana Hempsall and she would make an excellent MP for Norwich South as Chloe Smith is for Norwich North.

East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger was somewhat put back on finding out that Cambridge was a Militant Momentum target. Theresa May’s candidate for Cambridge, Dr John Hayward is a good candidate but I would have still thought that Daniel Ziechner was safe. But if the pathological optimists of Jeremy of Islington’s henchtrots in Militant Momentum aren’t so sure, who knows?

The Conservatives are campaigning hard across the region and are getting a great response on the doorstep. A lot of this is due to the brilliance of Theresa May and a country that works for everyone achieved by strong and stable leadership through Brexit and beyond by Theresa May and her excellent candidates is a message that resonates with the public  in comparison to the alternative of a Corbyn coalition of chaos.

In Ipswich, Theresa May’s candidate, Ben Gummer‘s positive on going vision of Ipswich rising resonates with the Ipswich electorate who are proud of their town and their country and are fed up with their town and their country being run down by Labour.

Let’s make East Anglia Labour and Lib Dem free. Let’s have a country that works for everyone achieved by strong and stable leadership.

Vote Conservative

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One Response to Political Campaigning in East Anglia

  1. Paula says:

    So even with the endless pro-remain material that the BBC puts out, with the Project Fear lies laid bare the remain camp is now 22% of the vote apparently. Therefore the Greens, liberals, labour and the SNP are basically fighting for votes from one fifth of the population. how long will it be before they smell the coffee?

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