Political Campaigning in Ipswich

UKIP don’t seem to have a campaign in Ipswich and we have been informed that the best Tony Gould is hoping for is not losing his deposit.

The Lib Dems are also likely to lose their deposit. Sat Nav Ade informs us that he shall visit all parts of Ipswich before June 8th. We hope he is enjoying his month long holiday here and believe he will find the Visit Ipswich website useful. We also recommend Ipswich Tourist Information Centre which is in one of our many fine medieval churches.

The Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems have also set up a crowdfunding page and at the time of writing are still £350 short of getting their deposit back.

There is also and Independent candidate standing in Ipswich. We thought we would mention it because it’s news to all our readers. We can’t remember what her name is at the time of writing.

We have heard that the Green Party also has a candidate.

Looks like returning officer,  Russell Williams is going to make a rioght tiodily sum doesn’t it?

Ipswich Labour have been going around warning of the end of the world if the Tories get in and telling people on benefits that the Labour party has a right to their vote. The fact is, anyone who is in benefit dependence and want to be able to stand on their own two feet should vote Conservative. Because the Conservative Party is the party of aspiration and it helps people to prosper.

Ipswich Labour have also been telling all the lies that I expose here.

Ipswich Conservatives have been campaigning across the constituency and are amazed by the level of support they are getting. At one time people cheering at the sight of a blue rossette was occasional, now it happens all the time. But we must make sure that the great future that our country has is not destroyed by the illiberal, regressive left under Jeremy Corbyn and his terrorist sympathising, anti British, ideologically dangerous, dogma bound Labour Party. So Conservatives across the country are working hard to get a decent Conservative majority to provide strong and stable leadership through Brexit and beyond to bring about a country that works for everyone.




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1 Response to Political Campaigning in Ipswich

  1. Paula says:

    Is Sat Nav Ade also banging on about the ‘need’ for a second referendum in a strongly pro Brexit town?

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