Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate’s Leaflet

Ipswich Labour have been delivering junk mail in Gipping Ward. A copy of which has been obtained by Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger.

The front of it has a picture of Jeremy Corbyn’s Candidate, Sandy Martin, outside the Garrett Anderson Centre. The Garrett Anderson Centre that the NHS has to pay extortionate amounts of rent to HSBC to allow Ipswich Hospital to have an A&E because of the last Labour government’s awful PFI, NHS privatisation policy that has the legacy of the NHS having to pay HSBC £500 to have a light bulb changed.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Candidate says that this General Election gives us the chance of a fresh start for Ipswich and the country. Yes this country would benefit from a fresh start but the fresh start it would benefit from is Brexit through strong and stable leadership in the national interest, led by Theresa May.

Naturally being a labour leaflet it contains some Lies. It claims that the Tories only look after that rich. This is not true. The Tories care for everybody hence the lowest earners in this country have been taken out of tax altogether. Sandy’s statement proceeds with the Labour Party’s campaign slogan which is basically about screwing a few people to help some other people rather than doing what is in the interest of the country as a whole by helping everybody and not screwing anybody.

Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate claims that his priorities are five things which naturally are uncosted. Four of which are rather ambiguous.

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5 Responses to Corbyn’s Ipswich Candidate’s Leaflet

  1. Paula says:

    Is it not likely that the partial remain stance of Labour along with open borders is going to cost them dear? Or does the leaflet forget to mention these things?

  2. super blue says:

    … and the sixth is that we all get out of his way?

  3. George Warren says:

    As usual, Corbyn’s cadidate in Ipswich follows his leader and wants a half-in-EU-remain Brexit as just like the lib dems, refuse to accept that we are leaving.

    Only Theresa May will negotiate us safely and securely out of the EU, the British people do not wants to be subject to the ECJ and Mrs May has guaranteed this. Corbyn and Farron want us to remain subject to the ECJ because they do not want us to be in control of our laws and borders.

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