Response to UKIP Leaflet

Tony Gould claims that he needs the electorate’s help to get us out of the EUSSRand claims that UKIP is the insurance policy for Brexit. Actually strong and stable leadership through the negotiations by Theresa May is the insurance policy for Brexit, not UKIP.

The leaflet talks about net immigration being up but net migration fell to 248,000 in 2016. Story here

The leaflet said that we had a 200 mile fishing exclusion zone around our waters before joining the EUSSR. As we are only 30 miles from France, how could Tony’s statement be true?

The Conservative Part manifesto says

When we leave the European Union and its Common Fisheries Policy, we will be fully
responsible for the access and management of the waters where we have historically
exercised sovereign control. A new Conservative government will work with the
fishing industry and with our world-class marine scientists, as well as the devolved
administrations, to introduce a new regime for commercial fishing that will preserve and increase fish stocks and help to ensure prosperity for a new generation of fishermen. To provide complete legal certainty to our neighbours and clarity during our negotiations with the European Union, we will withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention. We will continue our work to conserve the marine environment off the coast of the United Kingdom. It also says that we will protect the interests of Scottish

farmers and fishermen as we design our new UK farming and fisheries policy.
The UKIP leaflet then tells the truth about Labour under Jeremy of Islington and the Lib Dems.
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1 Response to Response to UKIP Leaflet

  1. Paula says:

    Communities in once thriving fishing ports such as Lowestoft will be delighted their vote to leave has helped ensure that we are now taking back control of fisheries.

    Also the millions of fish thrown overboard left to rot was criminal in the extreme due to the policies of the EU. Let’s take back control. Let’s not have partial remain. Vote Conservative.

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