Response to Clive Lewis Leaflet

Labour have been delivering junk mail in South Norwich for Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate, Clive Lewis. A copy of which has been obtained by East of England Labour’s favourite blogger. Corbyn’s Norwich South candidate claims that he has delivered for Norwich and shares the values of the city. What he has delivered for Norwich is a mystery. He also claims to not be another politician but the rest of the article proves that he is.

Clive says that the Conservative candidate doesn’t even live in Norwich. The fact that Clive was parachuted into the seat from Lincolnshire seems to pass him by. It’s not like Acle is in a different county is it?

Also, Clive chose to get married in London, Chloe Smith got married in Norfolk

Clive Lewis voted against the General Election because he’s scared of losing his seat it conflicted with his honeymoon.

As a matter of fact, Clive Lewis is so uninterested in his constituency that as shadow Business secretary he failed to turn up for a Norfolk Chamber of Commerce meeting which all other Norfolk MP’s attended.

Clive Lewis, spends more time in London shadowing Jeremy of Islington than in his own constituency. So, Clive from Boston and Skegness way, who spends a lot of time in London with Jeremy of Islington is trying to make a song and dance about Lana Hempsall. living in and being a councillor in Acle. But if you look at his record as an MP and her record as a councillor, the sensible conclusion you would make is that Norwich South would be better off being represented by Lana Hempsall.

We have also been informed that Clive Lewis still uses his parliamentary email for campaign purposes, the naughty boy.

Also,  intelligence  sources within the Labour Party inform us that he is rather unpopular with the the North London Clique which controls the Labour Party, for being, a bit of a climber without wanting to put any effort in.

Lana Hempsall on the other hand is the only candidate in Norwich South who is backing the Prime Minister’s plan to secure the best possible deal from Brexit. She is the only candidate who, if elected, will help strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand at the negotiating table.

Lana Hempsall will support local businesses, small and large. Lana will start a local Business breakfast to champion local business and bring senior Government Ministers to meet with them in Norwich.

Lana Hempsall will ensure that residents thoughts are considered at a local and national level to obtain extra funding to tackle potholes as well as build the infrastructure needed to bring greater investment into Norwich South.

Lana Hempsall supports choice and high standards in education, she will campaign for better standards in local hospitals and GP surgeries and she will raise local planning concerns at the highest levels of Government and bring planning ministers to the area.

It is time to make East Anglia Labour and Lib Dem free. Vote Conservative.

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13 Responses to Response to Clive Lewis Leaflet

  1. Neil says:

    What’s the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan?

  2. Neil says:

    What’s the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan?

  3. Paula says:

    The PM outlined the 21 point plan at Lancaster House and this was turned into white paper. This will also go onto the manifesto and on that basis the PM May (all being well) will deliver on all 21 points. The alternative is Corby and a partial remain outcome of chaos with the SNP/libs etc that seek to frustrate the will of the people. This is the choice in the general election. One party has a plan the other can’t even run a party never mind a country.

    • Neil says:

      Ah, the 12-point plan announced in January. The one that’s been ridiculed by EU council types as unrealistic ‘wanting to have her cake and eat it’.

      Nobody has asked the people what their will is towards any details of Brexit.

      Norwich voted to remain.

  4. Claire says:

    What utter lies and bollocks. You must be truly rattled to be spouting this bile.

  5. Sharon Hovell says:

    I have lived in this constituency for 23 years. Clive has been locally active for years, right down to wet sponges for charity at least four years ago. I have never heard of this tory candidate – she has never knocked on my door (or anyone else I know). Poor English will never get my vote – traditional values in my lifetime meant leaving school with a basic concept of our written language

  6. Bob Haigh says:

    I have spent years disburdening folk of the notion that people from Norfolk are thick, and then someone called ‘ariversideview’ crops up with impressive dimwittery.Thanks a bunch, Clive Lewis, for retweeting this crap showing there are thickos in Norfolk. I hope no-one I know will get to see it, and good luck on June 8th

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