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Labour’s Lies and what the Conservative Manifesto really says

When Labour get desperate they get dirty and boy are they desperate at the moment. The more desperate Labour get the more dirty they get and the more repulsive their lies are. There are a few nasty lies that Labour … Continue reading

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Why I’m Voting Conservative

Originally posted on Political Emily:
As a young person whose political allegiances lie with the Conservatives I have received a lot of abuse. The most common accusations and comments I’ve received are usually along the lines of calling me rich…

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Jeremy of Islington’s Manifesto

Jeremy of Islington confirmed what we already knew: his nonsensical ideas simply don’t add up and working families across the country would pay the price. After last week’s shambles, here’s what we now know about Corbyn of Islington’s ideas for … Continue reading

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Conservative Manifesto has Ipswich Residents in Mind

The person the brilliant Theresa May charged with writing the Conservative manifesto for the coming election was Theresa May’s excellent candidate for Ipswich, Ben Gummer. Many of the policies within the manifesto are based on what people have said to … Continue reading

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New Workers Rights Under Theresa May

New rights | Theresa May’s 11-point plan Guaranteeing that workers will enjoy the same rights after Brexit as they do under the EU. Increasing the National Living Wage in line with earnings until the end of parliament. Protections for “gig” … Continue reading

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Political Campaigning in East Anglia

The political irrelevance that are the Liberal Democrats are having a torrid time in East Anglia and have got rather upset by things on Twitter today. #LibDemsnotwinninghere #Whininghere etc. They have no MP’s in Suffolk and by reports we have … Continue reading

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Imprisoned for her art in Iran

Imprisoned for drawing a satirical cartoon, prosecuted for shaking her lawyer’s hand in prison – Atena Farghadani has paid a high price for making art and speaking her mind in Iran, where dissent is met with heavy punishment. 30-year-old Atena … Continue reading

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