Owen Jones’ Message to Residents of Cambridge

The chances of East Anglia being Labour free have alarmed the neo-liberal left media establishment enough for Owen Jones to write a letter to the residents of Cycle City. A copy of which has been obtained by East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger.

In the first paragraph he insinuates that because he is a Guardian columnist he knows what he’s talking about

After the first paragraph there is three paragraphs of the usual lies about Conservative policies that Labour always come out with. He ends the third paragraph with “You couldn’t make it up.” Well most normal people couldn’t make such things up but Labour seem to manage it at every election.

He then says that the Conservatives and Lib Dem’s don’t share the values of the city of Cambridge. I don’t know how he can say that and as somebody who used to live 12 miles up the road from Cambridge, I don’t think Labour share the values of Cambridge.

Owen Jones then says that Daniel Ziechner stopped something that didn’t exist. viz NHS privatisations. Owen Jones then mentions about Ziechhner’s rebellion against tax credits, voting against bombing Daesh in Syria and opposition to Trident.

Owen Jones finishes by telling the people of Cambridge not to vote Lib Dem and tells the people of Cambridge to choose hope.

The best hope for this country is the Conservative Party lead by Theresa May.

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