Ipswich Labours latest junk mail

Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail is Labour Today which is Labour 1974. 

This junk mail has been delivered by paid delivery. We know this because Ipswich Labour when they deliver don’t deliver to known Tory activists across the town, all on the same day. There was and is other tell tale signs that this has been delivered by paid delivery, but we shall not go into them on this blog.

All Conservative leaflets in Ipswich have been delivered by local activists.

The Labour junk mail talks about being for the many and not for the few. As the word ‘few’ could mean anything from half a dozen to 20 million it would be useful to know what the indeterminate number of people they are not for and are therefore against, is. 

It says that Labour would save the National Health Service. As Labour presided over Mid Staffs and caused havoc with their PFI NHS privatisation policy, this claim is obviously risible.

The junk mail then talks about better education for all. But Labour plan to put tax on private school fees so middle earners who have saved to give their children a better education can no longer afford it so the very rich few can only afford it. On top of that, Labour say that they will scrap tuition fees, meaning that universities will not be able to have as many students as they have now. Meaning that there will be a cap on University places so that working class school leavers will not be able to go. Now Jeremy of Islington has announced that he will cancel all the student debt of past students who paid tuition fees. Apart from the fact that the amount of money owed by students who paid tuition fees and now in the work place would break our economy, such a policy would mean that those who did not go to university and those who do not want to go to university who are working would be paying taxes to pay off the debt of people who are earning considerably more money than them. Labour’s education policies are elitist to the furthest extremity.

The junk mail then says that Labour wants to increase home ownership. Really? Is this because council house tenants these days are more likely to vote Conservative? Come off it. We know that the left wing loons of Corbyn’s Labour Party want the majority of people living in state-owned accommodation while they live in their own privately owned palaces. This is what socialism produces in every country that has a socialist government. 

As the Labour Party under Jeremy of Islington is the most socialist it has ever been, we must presume that this thing about home ownership in this junk mail is a lie.

Maybe this home ownership thing is aimed at Labour’s core vote of middle earning Public Sector workers. It certainly isn’t aimed at the working class who Labour utterly dispise. Jeremy Corbyn hates Britain and would like to abolish the British Army. So obviously Corbyn’s Labour has contempt for the kind of people who won this country two world wars.

Who are the many and who are the few? I believe that the few that Labour are talking about are the hard-working people who made this country the great industrial power it is through hard work. The many that Labour represent are the Islington, Metropolitan, rich elite that now control the party. We know that they are a minority but the people who control the Labour Party live in that North London bubble and hence, don’t know they are.

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One Response to Ipswich Labours latest junk mail

  1. Paula says:

    Labours commitment to maintaining open borders means it’s ordinary working people that pay the cost with reduced wages and increased housing costs. Only by reducing immigration can we help increase wages and the availability of housing will increase too. This is something the remain camp simply chose to ignore.

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