The Duplicity of the Lib Dems

The Lib Dems are the dirtiest campaigners in British politics and are extremely duplicitous. Their leader, Tim somebody, claims to be a bit of a Eurosceptic and claims the Lib Dems are against ‘Hard’ Brexit. Yet their leaflets being delivered in Cambridge say that the Lib Dems want to stop Brexit.

The Lib Dems sent out a particularly nasty, vicious leaflet in Cambridge at the start of this GE campaign referring to Theresa May’s Brexit deal as a poison apple that people would be forced to eat. It’s like they have a religious affiliation to the EU and Brexit is the forbidden fruit.

Since then, the Lib Dems have delivered a couple more leaflets where they seem to be saying that they will stop Brexit. Though they are not openly saying this to the media.

Strangely in Ipswich the Lib Dems are not saying that they would stop Brexit. Obviously this is because Cambridge voted 73.8% Remain while Ipswich voted 58% Leave. This demonstrates perfectly, the duplicity of the yellow peril.

The ilLiberal unDemocrats are the masters of duplicity. They would knock on your door and agree with everything you say, then a few doors along they will knock on somebody else’s door who says the opposite to what you said and they agree with everything they say too.

Tell the Lib Dems you want to remain in the EU and they’ll say they want to stop Brexit. Tell the Lib Dems you want to leave the EU and they’ll say they want the people to have another vote on it.

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2 Responses to The Duplicity of the Lib Dems

  1. Paula says:

    On the Andrew Neil interview yesterday Farron said that during a second referendum he would support remain as no other outcome is better than remain apparently. How about one that saved us £350m a week to spend on public services instead? Farron was also asked what was exteme about controlling our own borders. This was not answered. It was a shocking interview.

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