Bob Russell Loses the Plot

While the Ipswich Lib Dem campaign consists of them lying on Facebook, in Colchester, Bob Russell has completely lost the plot. He has sent a letter to his constituents full of lies about Tory plans for the NHS. 

For a while Colchester Hospital kept going into special measures, so Ipswich hospital took it over and so it is now running better. But Bob is claiming it has been given away to Ipswich as part of an elaborate privatisation scheme. Bob also claims that GP’s are having to charge their patients.

We have been informed that Bob Russell’s lies are so extreme that Lib Dem activists in Colchester are embarrassed by them. Going by the amount the Lib Dems always lie, that’s saying something.

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2 Responses to Bob Russell Loses the Plot

  1. Paula says:

    As Colchester decided to leave the EU is Bob Russel also endlessly banging on about a second referendum to overturn the result?

  2. Dennis says:

    Ermm. Colchester Hospital NHS Trust is still in special measures.

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