Ipswich Rising – thanks to Ben

Sunday, 28 May, 2017

Ipswich is on the up, because we have Ben Gummer working with the Conservative County Council. Along with the Ipswich Vision group, they have brought about confidence from private business to invest in out town, which linked with public investment, means that Ipswich IS rising.

It is because of Conservatives working together across national and local government that this confidence has brought about fantastic new results for our town centre. We have many new stores in the town now (including fashion retailer Jack Wills, pictured).


tavern stTower Ramparts Shopping Centre has been refurbished and re-named Sailmakers. The Buttermarket centre has undergone an awesome transformation into a top quality retail, food, fitness & leisure centre and an incredible modern cinema use with the opening of the new multiscreen centre.


Ben has brought in the funding for the wet dock crossing (£90m) which will help to ease traffic congestion across the town in the decades to come. He has helped to lead the way in the refurbishment of Ipswich Railway Station to give a top-class first impression of Ipswich when business people arrive here. With his plans for faster train journeys, businesses want to invest here. Ben has worked with goverment to make Princes Street and the Island site jobs-creating enterprise zones.

princes st

NONE of this happened by accident. It is has ONLY happened because we have had a Conservative government and Conserative MP, Ben Gummer, since 2010 which dug us out of the economic quicksand and disaster which Jeremy Corbyn’s party had created over the previous years.

Locally and nationally, we cannot put our economy at risk again. Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades have no understanding of what this country needs, do not understand what working families of Ipswich want and would fail to stand up the UK in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

With Ipswich Rising, vote for Theresa May’s candidate in Ipswich next week – vote BEN GUMMER.

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