Response to Labour Eve of Poll Leaflet

The front page of this eve of poll leaflet comes up with the slogan which is meaningless and the back page starts with

This General Election will give you the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first

The majority in this country voted to leave the European Union and the Conservative Party is putting the majority first by giving a clear mandate and plan for Brexit.
The majority in this country voted to leave the European Union. The majority voted for Brexit. The Conservative Party has clearly stated that they will lead us out of the European Union. The Conservative Party will deliver Brexit and make a success of it. 

The Labour leaflet starts with a paragraph title of seven years of broken promises under the Tories. Seven years of broken promises? Bullshit! The Conservative Party promised a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union and gave the British people a referendum on their membership of the European Union. The Labour Party campaigned for remain. The British people voted out!

The Labour Party claims there has been tax breaks for the rich, cuts in public services and squeezed living standards. Well I am not rich and I’m definitely better off under the Conservatives.

It talks about putting up the minimum wage and spending money from Labour’s magic money tree which doesn’t exist and it talks about creating jobs. It doesn’t say how they will create jobs but we can work it out can’t we? Lots of Public Sector none jobs which have to be paid for through the Taxes of the private sector which would wreck the private sector in this country and destroy Britain’s economy.

Let’s not be held back. Let’s have a country that works for everyone. Let’s go out and Vote Conservative

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