Thank You Ben Gummer

Thank you Ben Gummer for a fantastic seven years of public service to the people of Ipswich and the United Kingdom. Since getting involved with the Conservative Party due to being utterly fed up with the mess the last Labour government were making of this country, Ben has been a real inspiration to me. What he managed to achieve for Ipswich before being elected I thought was amazing and while being our representative in parliament he gave me a revelation of what an elected politician can achieve for the people who have voted for them. What he managed to do for Ipswich, I had no idea that an elected politician could do so much for the people who they represented. I probably wouldn’t have stood as a council candidate if Ben Gummer hadn’t have given me an idea of what is possible for a local representative to achieve.

Before Ben Gummer came on the scene, Ipswich people were constantly moaning about Ipswich and putting our great town down but Ben Gummer brought about a change so that Ipswich people started to be proud of their town and wouldn’t have it talked about in the way that they had talked about it themselves previously.

The people of Ipswich have decided that they would like a change and naturally I am upset about it. But I am sure that I can speak for the entire Ipswich Conservative Association when I say that if Ben wants to represent Ipswich again, he can rely on us giving a lot more than our votes to make it happen.

I wish Ben Gummer all the best for the future.

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