Why traffic congestion in Ipswich may increase.

When Labour get in, their main objective is to turn the place into a rundown ruinous mess so that people are more inclined to vote Labour. Our new MP has announced plans to do this. Sandy Martin wants to scrap the wet dock crossing to maintain congestion and in the long-term increase congestion around Salthouse Street, College Street and Star Lane. This is part of labour’s plan to make Ipswich into a rundown ruinous mess because this will encourage people not to visit the Waterfront so that it does not do so well economically.

Sandy Martin also does not want a Northern Route over the top of the town. This is to maintain congestion and increased congestion in the long run on Valley Road, Colchester Road and Heath Road. He has said that he wants a Northern bypass instead of a Northern route and a wet dock crossing. He  is putting it across that not having a wet dock Crossing would provide enough money for a Northern bypass when a Northern bypass would cost infinitely more money. This will help Ipswich become a rundown ruinous mess to encourage people to vote Labour by increased congestion and our MP and our lousy Labour Council blaming the Conservatives from government for a Northern bypass not being built and they will also be blaming the County Council transport department for the maintained and increased traffic congestion around the town. 

The outcome would be less people wanting to visit Ipswich and therefore less people wanting to invest in Ipswich. Which of course is what Labour want because their main objective is always to turn the place into a rundown ruinous mess so that people are more inclined to vote Labour

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5 Responses to Why traffic congestion in Ipswich may increase.

  1. Julie says:

    It is also because Ipswich Labour are horrible spiteful people.

  2. George Warren says:

    The new MP for Ipswich may not only succeed in increasing traffic congestion, but ensuring many businesses close down and unemployment to increase. The desire of local young people to attend the university will diminish, and private investment in Ipswich may drain away.
    Ipswich has lots its voice at the top table of government. The ability of this town to influence has been seriously diminished.
    “For the many, not the few” means that Labour would want to give everyone everything for free, and the few remaining entrepreneurs, businesses and [their class warfare view of] “rich people” who pay taxes would be squeezed out of existence.
    Ben Gummer did the most incredible work in this town over the last 7 years, and sadly 900 few enough people failed to see it. These people have shot themselves in the foot by voting for Corbyn’s party.

  3. Ipswich First says:

    You lost Tory people, get over it. For the many not the futile ha ha!


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