Today is World Day Against Child Labour

Today is World Day Against Child Labour. One day devoted to raising awareness of 168 million children estimated to be in child labour.[1]

Freedom United say

You might be surprised to learn that not all child labour is defined as slavery. At Freedom United, we only campaign on cases of child slavery – the enforced exploitation of a child for someone else’s gain.

Children’s vulnerability makes them an easy target for exploitation. In areas of the world where poverty and barriers to education are high, it can be easier for traffickers to manipulate desperate families and children into slavery.

Watch the video on child slavery and take our quiz to test your knowledge.

Sadly, cases of child slavery hit the headlines all the time. Recent investigations into UNESCO world heritage sites in Bangladesh have uncovered slave camps where children as young as nine are forced to work for 40 hours straight processing fish.[2]

Researcher and world expert in modern slavery, Kevin Bales, reported: “What look like buildings on the satellite images are not in fact buildings, but giant racks where children who have been enslaved have been doing the drying and cleaning and scraping [of fish].”[3]

Dive deeper into the issue of child slavery on World Day Against Child Labour by clicking here.


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