Corbyn and McDonnell are Despicable

19260271_10154979797688509_7543171326636509037_nProminent member of Ipswich Labour, Andrew Coates claims that the tragic Grenfel Tower fire was an act of class war. You can read his blog post in all its bombastic risibility here. If that isn’t shocking enough, the North London Cabal that rules the Labour Party have been far worse.

The fascist,  Corbynite left have disgustingly gone out of their way to make political capital out of the Grenfel Tower fire tragedy. Anti -democracy, Trotskyite dinosour, John McDonnell has been inciting riot and hatred, John McDonnell has publicly called for one million people to take to the street to force our Prime Minister from power. Story here. As McDonnell calls for uprising, Militant trade unionists are plotting ‘summer of discontent’ to oust Theresa May. Story here

The Daily Telegraph reports here.

the undoubted success of Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign shows, the Labour leader has an image of principled virtue.

Even voters aware of his backing for causes pushed by terrorists and his failure to deal with anti-Semitism in his party seem not to care. They think of Mr Corbyn as a man whose errors are borne of innate decency – as a fundamentally good man who 19146232_1169497253180096_3982875266773074795_noccasionally errs, but only ever out of the best of intentions. The reality is very different.

Mr Corbyn has spent thirty years pushing a brand of hard left ideological extremism and, like his fellow revolutionaries, is prepared to push at and break the very limits of decency to further his ends. His behaviour over the Grenfell Tower disaster and, two weeks ago, the London Bridge terrorist attack is revealing.

Now the terrorist sympathising, anti democracy, Trotskyite lunatic, Corbyn is urging  people to ‘occupy’ empty homes as his  henchtrots plan ‘Day of Rage’ Story here.

The level of bigotry, prejudice and hatred being demonstrated by Corbyn’s henchtrots is truly shocking. A volunteer who helped the victims of the Grenfel tragedy was beaten by Corbyn and Mcdonnell’s henchtrots on suspicion of being a ‘Tory Councillor’ Story here.

Dressed in a suit, he was apparently deemed a legitimate a target by protesters who set upon him, pushing him to the ground and pouring water on him.

So someone got attacked for wearing a suit. Such is the prejudice of Corbyn’s henchtrots.

Naturally Corbyns Henchtrots have been economical with the truth. Here are some facts.

1 – the block of flats was run not by any council but by KCTMO. This body
is made up of 8 TENANTS, 4 councilors and 3 independent members.
2 – Labour hold the seat that the block is situated in.
3 – Labour run the London Council who manage the under funded London Fire Service
4 – incidentally Emma Coad the sitting Labour MP for that ward also sat on the KCTMO.
5 – the advise to stay put which Sadiq Khan has been so vocal about was given by the London Fire Service.
6 – the decision to change contractors during the refurb was made by KCTMO.
7 – the decision not to spend a paltry £138k on fitting sprinklers again KCTMO.
8 – the decision to create ALMO organisation such as the KCTMO was made under the Right To Manage legislation passed in 2002
as part of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act.
9 – this was put in place to give leasehold tenants a greater say and the ability to self manage, which has clearly proven to be a disaster.
10 – and which Govt was in a charge when this law was passed? Yup you guessed it Labour.
11 – Sadiq Khan as mayor of London Produced a report to say that the fire service did not need further funding.
12 -Emma Coad elected Labour MP was on the board of the Tenant Management group who are being accused of not listening to tenants.

Locally, the questions that need to be asked are “How many building in Ipswich have that sort of cladding on them?” and “What’s going to be done about them?”

30,000 buildings in UK are covered in the same cladding. Story here.


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One Response to Corbyn and McDonnell are Despicable

  1. Slinky Sam says:

    The Queen’s Speech will be defeated, that evil bitch May will resign, Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister and you Tory cunts will pay for all the people you have murdered.

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