Marine Le Pen is elected French MP

Marine Le Pen won a seat in parliament for the first time on Sunday. She said that the FN, “against a bloc that represents the interests of the oligarchy, are the only force of resistance”. REM and its centrist ally MoDem swept to a large majority with 351 seats.

According to the French Interior Ministry, the far right National Front gained just under 1.6 million votes, placing third after En Marche! and Les Republicains, who earned the support of 7.8 million and 4.0 million voters respectively.

But this figure – equivalent to 8.8 percent of voters – translated to a mere eight parliamentary seats, dwarfed by the 350-seat majority Macron and his centrist allies Modem now hold.

The result did show that Le Pen had made some headway in bringing her anti-EU, anti-immigration party closer to power, as its seat count was up six from the last election in 2012. Le Pen herself won a seat in the northern constituency of Henin-Beaumont.

More here and here.

Ipswich’s own barmy Bolshevik, Francophile, Corbynista Blogger, Andrew Coates has more on the French elections here

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