Ipswich’s Part Time MP

The recently elected new MP for Ipswich Alexander Martin, has decided that he wants to be the town’s MP on a part time basis. He has decided that he is not stepping down as a county councillor because he wants to carry on representing the people of Saint John’s at county level.

Alexander has also, after giving up the Labour Group leadership on the county council, taken on a shadow portfolio.

The member of parliament for Saint John’s Ward is the County Labour group’s economic spokesman, with the objective of cutting government funding to Ipswich by £80 million. We understand that as economic spokesman, he shall be speaking for every other town that could benefit from the £80 million, in exchange for Ipswich continuing to have problems with congestion around College Street.

As Mr Martin has decided to be a part time MP, we would like to ascertain if he is going to take a full time MP’s salary or be paid on pro rata basis.

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3 Responses to Ipswich’s Part Time MP

  1. Ipswich First says:

    Kelly Tolhurst, the Conservative MP for Rochester and Strood, is also a Councillor for the Rochester West ward on Medway Council. Do let us know what Ms.Tolhurst’s reply is when you write to her to demand that she give up part of her MP’s salary.

  2. Patricia Freeman says:

    Whilst it is a bit odd that any MPs would want to carry on as a councillor, Kevin is absolutely right.

    Unfortunately “Ipswich First” does not understand what the demands of a County Councillor actually are, compared to a district councillor.

    Cllr Alexander Martin has taken on an economic spokesman role at a County Council where they only have daytime meetings. How has he got time for being spokesman as well? However Cllr Tolhurst is at a district council where there are mainly only evening meetings, and she is not a member of any of the “optional” committees.

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