The Ælfgeir Chronicle

Chapter II


In this year begun the reign of Tonto the Anti-Christ.  This was the beginning of much suffering.


In this year the severity of the coming recession was decided by giving away gold to pay tribute to Brown’s economic mismanagement in much the same way Dane Geld was given away to pay tribute to the Viking raiders.


In this year Tonto teamed up with the Lone Ranger to harry and bring much suffering to a people in a distant land and destroy the good reputation of Albion.


Dominus Libera nos a furore hoc socialas imperium


In this year many a bonnie prince was in despair and considered giving up but were heartened by the sound of the bagpipes of Clan Cameron.


in this year the antichrist was dethroned and he who sold the family gold took over. Also in this year Brown’s economic mismanagement brought the great recession. It was such a great tribulation that people openly said that the angels slept.


In this year the dark forces that had brought much tribulation to this sceptred isle were defeated by forces lead by a member of Clan Cameron, leading to an alliance between Disraeli and Gladstone.


In this year a great unholy host harried Ipswich and took the great town into their possession.



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