How did Ipswich come to this?

As was said in my previous post here Ipswich  was once a town of great commerce with lots of trade taking place. This was a time when a lot of money was in the town. but what went wrong? (No doubt, regular readers of this blog no exactly where this post is going.) Ipswich was a great place of commerce due to the river and natural resources. In Anglo/Saxon time the port of Ipswich, which is the fourth oldest port in the country after London, Dover and Exeter, making it the oldest post Roman port in the country was made wealthy by trade coming in from Europe and Ipswich Ware Pottery being exported. Throughout the town’s history the river has made us a prosperous town through trade apart from during the Georgian period when the powers that be let the river silt up. This is why there is a shortage of architecture from the Georgian period in the town centre.

After the river was dredged the town became prosperous again with grain produced in Suffolk being exported along with wool and goods produced locally like Coprolite by Fisons and agricultural machinery by Ransomes etc. The fact that the groundsman of what is left of Ransomes uses a Honda Mower shows the height from which we have fallen.

So how did Ipswich lose it’s engineering and global trading clout? Looking through history, the decline seems to have started around the time people started voting Labour.

It would appear that our town has been wrecked by socialism. Champagne Socialist, Maxwell screwing over Ransomes and Rapier is a classic example. Maxwell raided the pensions pot, asset stripped the company and left the employees high and dry. Socialists like to look after themselves. Their politics is founded on envy so much that when they see a trough, they have not the moral fibre to keep their snouts out of it.  Also, Labour like to turn a place in to a run down ruinous mess to make people more inclined to vote for them. Successive Labour councils have brought ruin to Ipswich, helping themselves in the process

This is why Labour closed Ipswich Airport. They hated the idea of people travelling to and from Europe creating business that benefited the towns economy, so they closed it. They had no vision for the airport. The fact that it could have also been used to get around the fact that our rail links to the Midlands are absolutely awful, was of no interest to them. Labour like people trapped in poverty and deprivation.

This also explains the acrity with which our new Labour MP is endeavouring to  stop the wet dock crossing. Labour don’t want the Island site turned into  an enterprise zone, Labour hate enterprise, Labour want Ipswich to be a run down ruinous mess. We wonder if the MP for Saint Johns wants to stop the investment in flood defences in Ipswich too.

Of course it isn’t just to turn Ipswich into  a run down ruinous mess. We suspect that the idea for a Northern By Pass as proposed is more about getting at the posh people who live in surrounding villages by having a major road close to their homes and nothing to do with cutting congestion.  After all, Labour are really in to that nonsensical class war crap.

This is why Labour leaflets in Ipswich go on about County Councillors living in leafy villages and not understanding Ipswich. It’s that class war rubbish. The fact that it is the produce of those leafy villages that made Ipswich prosperous is what Ipswich Labour really hate. Also, as a lot of us had parents and grandparents brought up in those leafty villages, it’s also insulting to us. The Port of Ipswich is exporting more grain from the surrounding countryside than ever before. Ipswich Labour probably want the river to silt up.

Does Ipswich Labour understand Ipswich? Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and it’s prosperity has been through commerce and trade of produce from the surrounding countryside. Yes, we also have insurance as a major source of economic development in Ipswich, but lets not forget where we came from. I do a lot of work in the countryside and I can tell you that those people living in leafy villages understand Ipswich’s problems very well. Often I have heard them sum up Ipswich’s problems in two words. Labour council.

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