Ipswich Politician’s Nasty Secret

Many Ipswich politicians have a nasty secret. Many of them deny it and will go to great lengths to claim that it is not true. It concerns this blog. Amongst themselves they say things like “I don’t read that crap.” and “Algar’s blog is not worth reading and I don’t think anybody bothers.” But then they foul up by quoting from it at meetings.

We know that the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem’s are all ardent readers of this blog and insist that they read it to gain intelligence about what the Conservatives are doing. As if I am going to publish such information. The real reason is, they enjoy it.

Many of the local Conservatives claim never to read this blog too, but we know they do because like many Labour politicians, they quote from it at meetings. We know that Tory deniers love this blog too.

I have actually walked past Ipswich Labour’s office in Silent Street and seen this blog on a computer screen in there. As a matter of fact, I suspect that Ipswich Labour like this blog so much, that they have it as their home page. We have been informed that Ipswich Labour have held meeting to discuss this blog. We haven’t obtained the agenda for any such meetings, but no doubt, everybody else is looking forward to the day when we do.  We understand that at one such meeting, the comrades were ordered not to comment on this blog because they’ kept getting slaughtered in the debate. We also understand that some Labour members read this blog regularly to ensure that the order is being followed. Many Ipswich Labour people deny reading this blog, but then quote from it at meetings. A Riverside View is undoubtedly Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blog.

As a matter of fact, A Riverside View is the preferred blog of all Ipswich Politicians.

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