Corbyn’s Army of Cyber Bullies

I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It. But Corbyn’s henchtrots are against Free Speech and use bullying tactics to silence any opinion that is different to theirs.

Labour supporters being a bit nasty is nothing new as the story in today’s Morning Ipswich Star about theatre director, Trevor Nunn throwing stones at the Tory candidates car in the 1940’s proves. But the phenomenon of cyber bullying by the left is more recent. Fortunately, most of the comrades in Ipswich don’t indulge in such nastiness. Apart from the incidence of it in 2015 which I blogged about here, there hasn’t been to much of it. Though admittedly some activists elsewhere in Suffolk really enjoy indulging in a bit of low grade argumentum ad hominem,

Norwich Evening News reports here about the cyber abuse parliamentary  candidate for Norwich South, Lana Hempsall received.

One Facebook message left under a story about Mrs Hempsall read: “Shoot her then pull her teeth out of her jaw whilst she fades away.” Another YouTube post showed someone setting fire to a picture of Mrs Hempsall meeting the prime minister.

Now, I witnessed a lot of the abuse she was getting at the time so I can vouch for her. Also, the video of someone setting fire to the picture was shared far and wide by her fellow Conservatives because the duzzy douferhead ended up burning himself.

Also, since the General election, former Ipswich Conservative Group Leader, Nadia Cenci has been the victim of cyber abuse. It started by her criticising Corbyn and his henchtrots for politicising the Grenfell fire tragedy. She was rightly concerned about the decrease in sympathy for the victims because of the involvement of  left-wing agitators. This lead to  a shit-storm from Corbyn’s cyber-henchtrots. None of the abuse came from Ipswich people. It all came from Corbyn’s cyber-army of professional, free speech hating, bullying, left wing fascist’s.As a matter of fact, some local Labour activists have sent her messages of support including a letter to the Morning Ipswich Star from a former Labour councillor supporting her.

Yevette cooper has asked Labour supporters to stop their online “vitriolic abuse” as is reported here. Corbyn’s henchtrots responded by giving her lots of online “vitriolic abuse”

We know that Corbyn supports the cyber abuse of Conservative activists and supporters because we know that he is a man of violence. He supported the IRA’s bombing campaign and he supports Hezbollah. Hence as Guido reports here

Labour last night used a spurious three hour plus-long debate on procedure to block the scheduled debate on hard-left abuse of MPs. The Commons was supposed to spend the day discussing the abuse received by MPs during the election, instead Labour filibustered with a nonsense debate about how many debates they get to have until well into the night. As Anna Soubry quite rightly said:

“As a result of Labour’s filibusting tonight, this chamber will not debate the appalling abuse which many women candidates on this side of the House endured during the general election from the hard-left… There are many members on this side of the House that stood up for women on that side of the House when they were abused by their hard-left leadership.”

Vicky Atkins criticised Labour for blocking the abuse debate “to talk about their diaries” instead, Andrea Leadsom blasted “Members on both sides of this House have been victims of vile abuse from anarchists and hard-left activists, but obviously Labour are not interested” and accused Jeremy Corbyn of having “prevented this debate“.

Of course, we also know that the fascist left resort to cyber bullying because in the words of the Great One, I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

If anybody is offended by this blog, in the words of Martin Luther, I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God.

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