The Cluelessness of the Left Exposed.

When attacking the Tories the left very often get knocked for six by bowling wide of any research  while aiming for the rough. A classic example of this locally is when prominent Ipswich Labour member, Andy Coates commented on Facebook about Colin Noble’s pay rise. If he’d bothered to do some research he would have found out the Suffolk Labour Group leader, Sandra Gage supports the pay rise. We are well aware that Ipswich Labour and Suffolk Labour don’t get on with each other, but we would have thought that they actually talked to each other. Obviously not.

Some of the most unresearched twaddle the left comes out with is to be found on Jeremy Corbyn’s fake news site, The Canary. A lot of articles on there are poorly researched or more likely just made up. Here is a story about Fox Hunting which is clearly made up. It claims that during a fox hunt, the fox hounds attacked a whippet and a lurcher. There is a couple of things that are clearly made up. But what confirms that the story is mere bullshit is that the story claims that the hunt took place on the 13th of July. The Fox hunting season doesn’t start until the 1st of November. They have to wait for the crops to all be harvested before they can go galloping across the fields  but those London-centric Corbynites wouldn’t know that would they?

Another article of unresearched twaddle can be found here where they say that Jeremy Hunt should be ashamed of this despicable attack on NHS staff. It’s about NHS workers having to pay car parking charges and are being fined for not paying them. What makes this article so risible is the fact that the hospital in question is in Wales and Jeremy Hunt has no control over the NHS in Wales because it is under the administration of the Labour controlled Welsh Assembly but those London-centric Corbynites wouldn’t know that either would they?

But what makes this twaddle aimed at Jeremy Hunt so funny is the fact that it was retweeted by Jeremy of Islington. Being so London-centric himself, he wouldn’t know anything about what goes on in Wales either would he? He thinks he’s ready to be Prime Minister? He’s a joke.

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