Sandy Martin Resigns as Councillor

We all thought it a rum ol dew Alexander wanting to keep being a county councillor. Howsomeever, arter a bit of a bobble by Ipsidge residents he’s resigned as County Councillor for Saint Johns to concentrate on being the MP for Saint John’s.

So since being elected, furst he say he wants to stop the wet dock crossing, then the duzzy ol’ fuel found out the money was ringfenced, then he say he wanted to keep being a councillor, then he say a lot of squit in his maiden speech though he’s from abroad  and hint bin wholly Suffolkated, then he resigned as councillor cos he worked out how jarred off some people were.

Cood blarst! What is he lioke? Now he’s getting jip off this blog.

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4 Responses to Sandy Martin Resigns as Councillor

  1. Ipswich First says:

    Yeah well what about Kelly Tolhurst the MP for Rochester,that you accused me of whataboutery about, have you contacted her yet and accused have her of stealing money from us taxpayers yet?

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