Anglicanism and Gay Marraige

Justine Greening says that it is time for the Church of England to bless Gay unions. Bercow has also said that the Church of England should do  it but we would expect that from him because he is an idiot. Story here. The act was a bit odd in that the state church can’t conduct something supported by the state, but that is how it is. Now I supported gay marriage because I have a theological objection but not a political one. The Church is the Bride of Christ which is female and Christ is the Faithful Husband which is male. So that traditional Christian marriage should reflect Christ’s relationship with his church. Obviously a lot of traditional marriages don’t but according to 2000 years of accepted orthodox theology it is the case. But I do not want to live in a theocracy and hence I support gay marriage. Obviously I am against what people are saying should be imposed on the Church of England because it would be against a lot of clergies conscience to conduct such things But that isn’t what concerns me about what is being said.

The Church of England is part of the global Anglican Communion. In parts of the Anglican Communion, liberal theology is not an option. Also, parts of it like Nigeria and the Sudan have Islamists to the north of them who would see the action of the Church of England (or the imposition of such action imposed on it) to massacre them. As the person I claim to follow asked Paul nee Soul why he was persecuting him when he was persecuting Christians, I have to support the global church. Therefore when it comes to  the Church of England conducting gay marriages or blessings of gay unions, I can not and will not support it.

Liberal theologians are probably right. But out of concern for the worldwide church, so what?

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