Scum Plaster Filth in Gipping Ward

We residents of Gipping Ward are used to rubbish and filth being around the place. Dog mess on the pavement, discarded fag butts and stuff lying in the gutter, used syringes discarded here and there, all of which annoys us. But recently there has been some filth from Mustard City appear that has residents absolutely enraged.

I am talking about this



This abhorrence was put up on Ranelagh Road much to the utter disgust of Gipping Ward residents.

A Spokesperson for the Budgies said that the appearance of the advert on a billboard in the home of the Pride of East Anglia was an error by the company who supply this service to them and they’ve asked them to remove it. Why they’ve asked them to remove it is a mystery because plenty of Town fans are willing to remove the abomination themselves.

It’s good that they’ve wasted money on an advert for their filth that nobody around here would buy but we would like to ascertain if our local Labour Councillors are as livid about this outrage as we residents of Gipping Ward are. As their agent, Councillor John Cook is a Carrot Road season ticket holder and they are quite close to former Budgie chairman Ed Balls, we have our doubts.

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