Ipsidge, Suffolk’s County Town

Hope this here blog post dun’t confuddle ya, but anywah, at last nioght’s full council meeting, there was  a question from Councillor Vickory about Suffolk Day  to Councillor Rudkin. Bryony responded by mentionin that the mayors from acrost Suffolk (The Suffolk Chain Gang) were all here for the event and tha’ the gathering on the Suffolk Chain Gang shall move to other towns from year to year and Ipsidge shall get it on a rotary basis.

At the tiome oi shink,

“The gathering on Suffolk mayors on Suffolk Day in Ipsidge on a rotary basis? Howd yew ard! Is that the best we can dew? We’re the County Town for God’s sake! Suffolk mayors on Suffolk Day in Ipsidge on a rotary basis just hint tickety boo.

Councillor Vickory’s supplementary was about the lack of floral displays in the town for the event. Oi was looking furrud to a good reply. Howsomeever, Councillor Rudkin just came out with some squit about it being Ipswich Central’s responsibility.

Tha’s a fact that Ipsidge council dun’t take our county township seriously which is why I did ax a question to David Ellesmere a whiole baack when he say oi was bizarre.

I axed him

In light of the fact that Ipswich Borough Council doesn’t take Ipswich’s county-township seriously, would this administration consider handing the county town status over to Bury Saint Edmunds?

Now, this question which oi had been axed to ax by a couple of bor’s in Wooders and Nedging, was designed to lead into me supplementary. I was expecting Mr Ellesmere to say that they dew take our county-township seriously and say some squit.  But hoe, he say “No, is this also a Tory policy?” an that  had me somewhat Jiggered. Howsomeever, it shew I was rioght. Then oi axed

If our county-township is taken seriously why are Felixstowe and Bury Saint Edmunds seen as competitors when as the county town Ipswich should be supporting them, why isn’t the borough taking the lead to encourage prosperity throughout the county. why has this administration have such a lack of vision that business people from the surrounding area are pulling their hair out to the point where a resident of Woodbridge bizarrely told me that Woodbridge benefits from the economic policies of Saint Edmundsbury Council and not this one?

He then say I am bizarre . The fack tha’ he called me bizarre hint what jarred me off. What jars me off is tha’ they dun’t take our County Township seriously.

At last nioght’s council meeting, Councillor Fern in his reflection say the Mayors chain has a boot with a stern mounted rudder on it and he say tha’ in 1850 the port of Ipsidge was fiove acres larger than the port of Lunnan. So at one tiome we were competing with Cockoland rather than places like Haadliegh, Wooders Berry, Stu’maarket and Subberry. At’s how it should be. Rioght proper.

Councillor Fern also say Ipsidge is still the largest port in the UK for exporting agricultural goods and timber. This is good cos Ipsidge is still serving the rest of Suffolk through this. But we hint serving the county lioke we used tew. From not just exporting agricultural goods historically Ipsidge has served Suffolk well. From making Agricultural machinery, to having the furst cattle market where anything brought or sold was TB tested in the country, to providing a place for Suffolk produce to be sold. As the County Town we have served Suffolk brilliantly and we should be proud tha’ we are the County Town of Suffolk. But Ipsidge Labour dun’t take our county township seriously to the point where their cack handed economic development policy dun’t include any business outside the borough boundary. We’re the county town and they act as if they’re ashamed on it. The fack tha’ people in Wooders say that Berry council policies help them more than Ipsidge council’s policies hint just a rum ol dew, it’s ruddy confuddling as well.

But howsomeever, we hint tew on the drag yet to stop going arslins and there’s a lot we can dew. Furra start we should help Suffolk businesses. Why is ut that most the maarket stall holders come from abroad? Most on em are from Basildon way. An why is ut that our town centre as so many charity shops and bookies? There’s small business in towns and villages acrost Suffolk who could be given the opportunity to expand. Oi’d rather have the chance to buy local produce an things made in Suffolk than put money on a hoss or buy the clobber of some bor or mawther who’s pegged owt.

Serving the county of Suffolk should be part of the councils economic development policy. Also, that orrible blue flag with a ring on stars on it on the Town Hall should be replaced with the Crown an Arras.

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