Ipswich Labour Waste Council Time in Obedience to their Trade Union Masters

At Wednesday’s Full Council meeting there was an item on the agenda that Ipswich Labour had on it out of having to comply with the demands of their trade union puppet masters. It was a motion saying that the council believes that the government should lift the public sector pay cap. Concerning this Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger asked a question during councillors questions to Bryony Rudkin who was bringing forward the motion.

I asked “In regard to Item 9 of this meeting, what do you think the government should cut to pay for the wage increase?”

She answered by saying that the pay rise was fully costed in the Labour Party manifesto and indulged in some virtue signalling. I maybe should have responded by saying “As Labour lost the General Election, isn’t their manifesto now irrelevant?”

But what I did ask was “How do you suggest the money is found? Does the government cut something or increase the national debt?”

She then responded by virtue signalling about the Labour manifesto even though it was rejected by the public.

When it got to this item on the agenda, because they work in the public sector, half the Labour councillors had to leave the room.

Bryony proceeded with that holier than thou obsequiousness that is so much the Labour Party’s forte. She then moaned about the pay increase of  the leader of the county council, even though Labour county group leader has said that she agrees with the changes. Bizarrely, Sandra Gage did a Corbyn and claimed to be against the pay increase of  the leader of the county council. Bryony also said something about nurses using food banks. Even though finding a nurse who uses a food bank is proving to be harder than finding a socialist who understands economics.

After this Sandra Gage seconded the motion with lots of virtue signalling, holier than thou crap.

For the Conservatives, Councillor Phillips proceeded by saying that it was nice of Bryony to step in for Unison leader Dave Prentice, because he couldn’t be there due to being involved in a court case. At this point I noticed that the Dame was looking on a website for replies. I presumed it was the Unison website but she later informed us that it was the Labour Party’s rejected manifesto.

Conservative councillor, Nadia Cenci said that without the cap jobs would be lost and that a lot of people in Ipswich in the private sector are on low wages, so what about Ipswich? This lead to a number of us in the gallery voicing our approval of what she said, which lead to us getting an infraction from the deputy mayor.

Conservative councillor, Liz Harsant said that we simply can not afford it.

After this councillor for Labour, Alasdair Ross started to speak. The author of the dRoss Blog started playing the old soldier card, talking about soldier’s pay and said that he expected Conservative councillor Robin Vickory to support it. I am sure that Alasdair is well aware that soldiers pay isn’t the big issue concerning our service personal but the abysmal way that they are treated after leaving the military. I personally think that the percentage of GDP spent on defence should be put up to tackle the situation. But when the benefits bill for London alone is larger than our entire defence budget, we can see why there is a problem.

Councillor for Labour, David Ellesmere then started virtue signalling about IBC being a living wage employer. The whole story is that IBC employees are no better off though.  Labour conducted a smoke and mirrors exercise by raising employees wages and then putting up their employees council tax to pay for it.

Councillor for Labour Colin Kreidwolf then started to speak and by what he said, like all socialists he clearly doesn’t understand economics. He claimed that the Conservatives failed to cut the deficit because they cut corporation tax. As since lowering corporation tax more revenue has go into the treasury from it, councillor Kreidwolf clearly didn’t know what he was talking about. He then mentioned that the national debt has increased. If he knows of any other way the government can service the deficit that Labour created, we would be interested to hear it but as he doesn’t understand economics, we must assume he  doesn’t know of another way.

Conservative councillor George Debman said that private sector companies could not afford extra staff on a higher wage.

At this point the debate got interesting to the point where I was regretting not videoing the thing. From the gallery it was hilarious. Conservative councillor, John Carnall started to talk about who created the deficit much to Ipswich Labour’s chagrin. They were moaning and groaning, then Councillor Carnall brought up the Labour manifesto and how Jeremy of Islington had gone back on his pledge to cancel student debt.  This lead to Councillor Ellesmere to  call a point of order, claiming it wasn’t a manifesto promise. John Carnall proceeded to attack Jeremy of Islington for going back on his pledge (which liar Corbyn said in an interview for NME) this lead to Captain Mainwaring getting into a right bobble. John Carnall would say a couple of words and then Ellesmere would jump up and shout “Point of order Mr Mayor.” then proceed to defend his dear leader. This went on for quite a while, much to the amusement of us sitting in the gallery. The comical value of David getting up and getting in a right tizzy every 30 seconds was magnificently splendid.

After this Labour councillor Gibbs stood up to do some more virtue signalling.

The pointless motion was then voted through.

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