South West Area Committee Report

Last night was the South West Area Committee held at Chantry Academy, a new school build because of the brilliant work of our previous MP, Ben Gummer.

The first thing of interest was the police update. But it didn’t really tell us anything that we don’t know.

Ward Councillors update was informative. Councillor Ellesmere told us that as part of the Street Prostitution Strategy (IF YOU KERB CRAWL IN IPSWICH YOU WILL BE ARRESTED) there is going to be a specific number to phone to report it and all that is related to it. After the meeting I asked him if the number could be posted on his favourite blog and he said it could. So when it becomes available, details shall be posted on this blog.

This was followed by an update from Suffolk County council about the Upper Orwell Crossings. You can find the latest information of this fantastic project that was brought about by our former Conservative MP in partnership with the Conservative controlled county council here. During the presentation, the body language of the Labour councillors present showed their opposition to £80 million being invested in Ipswich. After the presentation, there were a number of questions asked. One question was asked by UKIP’s Alan Cotterel. Which was “As Sandy Martin is against it, is it going ahead or not?” I said that the money is ring fenced so it’s going ahead. In response to this it was observed that some of the Labour councillors present  clearly wanted to cry. As a matter of fact, they looked nearly as miserable as they are going to look next May when they lose Gipping Ward. I think that the fact that £80 million is being invested in Ipswich and the people who want Ipswich to be a run down ruinous mess can’t do anything about it, is absolutely wonderful.

There was then a funding request  of £500 from the South West Area Committee to the South West Area Committee, to pay for advertising of the South West Area Committee.

There was then a funding request from the Summer Holiday Activity Programme for £1647.30. While this was being debated Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger and councillor in waiting, Kevin Algar was going through the figures and noticed that the final sum was £100 short but only managed to mention it after the request had been voted through. You can read the paper here  We were informed that the a Audit Committee will have to look at it.

After this there was a funding request from the Ipswich & Suffolk West Indian Association which was voted through.


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