No Trains Between Ipswich and Halesworth

There are no trains running between Ipswich and Halesworth this week. Track renewal work is taking place between Ipswich and Halesworth, closing the line.

From Saturday 29 July until Sunday 6 August, buses have replaced trains between Ipswich and Halesworth on a revised time table.

Non folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. As the planned closure wasn’t communicated to the public and I commute by train and then cycle to villages in the middle of nowhere, for work, this wrecked my work schedule this week. I don’t mind cycling as far out as Tunstal but I don’t always want to ride back after a few hours work. I did anyway, but that’s because I’d rather not let my customers down.

This weeks rail line closure is causing quite a bobble out in the wilds. A lot of people are very, very annoyed by it. Abelio Anglia gave better warning that Ranelagh Road was going to be closed to be dug up than they did this. It’s not just the inconvenience that has annoyed people. We’re in the middle of the holiday season so that people on holiday  on the Suffolk coast are having difficulty in getting to places along the track. What stupid time to close the line! How the closure has affected the economies of places along it has yet to be ascertained.

But never mind, after this, second home owners coming up for the weekend can have a nice smooth journey to relax and go to the village pub they call their local because all the natives go there during the week when it’s rioght nioce and slioghtly on the huh. Second home owners tend not to like it so much out Bury way, so once you’re past Stowmarket you’ll still have a bumpy, rattling journey like you did on all the branch lines during the days of British Rail.


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