Response to Labour’s Rant about Potholes

One of the most annoying things a political activist hears across this land from any council regardless of which party is in control, is the phrase “It’s not deep enough.” The time that phrase annoyed me the most was when it was deep enough to buckle the front wheel on one of my mountain bikes and a less experienced cyclist would have lost control of their bike on a busy roundabout. But the criterion has been set.

The front cover of today’s Morning Ipswich Star has a story about Sprites Councillor for Labour Colin Smart making a bobble about potholes in his ward and up Whitton. You can read Paul Geater’s Labour Party propaganda here.

To a point I agree with both Councillor Smart and Suffolk County Council. A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said

Many of the pictures showed concrete estate roads that had been covered by a thin layer of asphalt that had been worn away – but that did not mean the surfaces had a hole or were uneven.

I agree with this. It makes the roads look unpleasant aesthetically, but it is not a danger to road users. Nobody is going to end up off the road, have a tyre blow out or lose their gear boxes because it.

The Morning Ipswich Star mentions Denton Close and has a picture of where the asphalt has worn rather than a picture of genuine potholes further up the road which I reported on the 23rd of January last year. The report of which can be seen here.

Suffolk Labour group leader Sandra Gage says that it should be brought to the South West Area Committee. I’m looking forward to that.



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