James Harding for Saint John’s


James Harding (Centre) with fellow Conservatives yesterday.

The Morning Ipswich Star has called the Conservative Party’s excellent candidate for Saint Johns by election a political novice. As James has been campaigning for the last four years and is well known in local political circles while when Sarah Adams first stood in Saint Margaret’s nobody knew who she was, I think calling James Harding a novice is rather unfair. Though the nice thing about the article is that James Harding is the only candidate pictured in the ward. Maybe the others couldn’t find it.

Out of the local Conservative Party members who expressed an interest in standing in the by election, James was clearly the best candidate to represent Saint Johns division and as I was one of the others who expressed an interest, I can say that.

We have lots of young talent in the Conservative Party unlike Labour. Labour claim to have lots of young members but has anybody seen them? At the General Election, the best Ipswich Labour could put up was a 60 year old who had been around forever while when the Conservatives last selected a candidate for Ipswich, they selected somebody in their 20’s. Now in this by election the Conservatives have put up an 18 year old while Labour have put up a retread who lost her seat. We Conservatives like putting up young people who have new ideas unlike Labour who like to put up dinosaurs who are intent on keeping the status quo.

James Harding has a brilliant campaign Facebook Page here.


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