The Woodbridge Cheese Wedge Development

On Thursday last week the East Anglian Daily Times had a article on the proposed housing development at the former council offices on Melton Hill in Woodbridge which has been dubbed giant cheese wedges by the County Councillor for Ipswich Road.

The East Anglian Daily Times reported that there has been 320 objections to the plans and 12 letters of support sent to Suffolk coastal District Council. On reading this my immediate thought was that the nimbys were at it not wanting any more housing in Woodbridge. Then I saw the design and thought “What the bloody hell?”


Suitable for Woodbridge?

Lib Dem County Councillor, Caroline Paige,  said

What our town needs is joined up planning to provide housing at affordable rent housing for young families, for ‘downsizers’, for disabled people and those starting off in life.

To me that statement sounds like a typical Lib Dem statement in its duplicity. It panders to both the nimbys and those who are desperate to find accommodation in Woodbridge. Though on this occasion Caroline page is right because the Cheese Wedge design is not suitable for Woodbridge, would she say the same about a suitable development?

The objection by NHS England and the impact the development is likely to have on local wildlife habitats is enough for it to be turned down. The fact that the design of the properties is totally awful and not suitable for Woodbridge adds to the fact that their planning should be rejected.

Caroline Page has written a lot about this on her blog here.

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