Lib Dems Deliver Comedy Literature in Saint Johns Division

The Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems have been delivering comedy literature in Saint John’s unfortunately we have not managed to obtain a copy  of it yet, so we wonder what it says. As they were delivering it far away from Saint Margeret’s, we wonder if it has a map of the ward on it to stop them from getting lost. We also, wonder what the mandatory graph on it looks like. As the Lib Dems only managed to get 120 out of 2402 votes the last time the division was contested, are they saying the truth which is that the Lib Dems are the only party capable of getting less votes than spoilt ballot papers in Saint John’s or are they claiming something else?

While canvassing in Saint John’s, the Conservatives have picked up  a lot of issues that the previous Labour incumbent did absolutely nothing about or in some cases helped create. Interestingly and to the detriment of the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems, going against the democratic will of the people and stopping Brexit isn’t one of them.

So what is in this Focus leaflet? RSV is intrigued and wants to get hold of a copy. If you have a copy please Email it to me so more readers can have a good laugh.

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