Why I Hate the Lib Dems more than Labour

Anti democracy, self serving, elitist  slug, Nick Clegg is writing a book called How to Stop Brexit. Nasty Nick has said that Brexit could cause the possible disintegration of the EU itself. Let’s hope he is right for once. Unione Europa delenda est
Labour Leave’s latest Email  has says it well in regard to those self serving, anti democracy parasites who want to stop Brexit.
Even Christmas isn’t safe from the underhand plotting of the terminally outraged Remainers. Nick Clegg is releasing what he hopes to be a festive best seller – How to Stop Brexit. 

His new book talks of ‘resistance‘, typical of the extraordinary self regard of elite remainers. What he is attempting to do is not resist unjust rule, but overturn the biggest democratic mandate in British history.

It is the same complete reversal of reality that has recently seen talk of a new anti-Brexit party called – wait for it – The Democrats. We can only doff our caps to their brazen audacity.

Clegg and his ilk have shown they have no respect for democracy whatsoever, and the reason is very simple – they have no respect for the public whatsoever. They enjoyed the pre-Brexit world where all decisions were made by men like them, and the public had no real opportunity to influence the way the country is run. 

And make no mistake, that is the world they want to return to. That’s why even many Remain voters now want a clean Brexit – they understand that in the long run, undermining the Brexit vote will undermine their own democratic power. Leave or Remain, the question really now is who should have the power in our democracy, the public or the likes of Clegg, Branson and Blair?

As always, the Remain plots are extremely well funded – they have countless millionaires throwing money at overturning the public’s choice. ….

…… keep fighting for the principle that a democratic referendum must be respected. The principle that the British people should not have their voice overturned by a collection of privately educated millionaires – like Nick Clegg.
I don’t think I need to add to that. Nick Clegg’s party has always been elitist and has always been serving the elite against the interests of everybody else. When a Lib Dem proudly stated to me that they have been pro EU from the beginning, I asked him if the Lib Dems were still against the working class having the vote like Gladstone was. It is clear by their actions and vitriolic statements that they believe that the opinions of the working class are invalid and are not worth taking any notice of.  Clearly the Lib Dems are still against Disraeli’s philosophy that when followed to it’s conclusion leads to  universal suffrage. They prefer the ideology of the EU which when followed to it’s conclusion leads to no suffrage at all. Yet they call themselves democrats.
The destruction of the yellow peril at the 2015 General Election was brilliant. But the working class, grass roots supporters of the two main party’s voting to leave the EU was truly glorious. The Lib Dems looking miserable is the most beautiful sight in British politics.
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