Comedy from the Ipswich Lib Dems

Concerning anything to do with the Lib Dems there is always comedy involved. For example, we have been informed that Ipswich Labour agent and Carrot Road season ticket holder, John Cook saw two Conservative councillors talking to each other and mistook it for a Lib Dem group meeting. Good to know that he doesn’t like all things yellow.

The Lib Dems have delivered a leaflet in St John’s division and it looks like they’ve splashed out more money on their leaflet than Ipswich Labour has. The Lib Dems appear to have used 400 dpi rather than Ipswich labour’s ultra low 200 dpi, obtained by Ipswich Labour’s special printing machine. But the Lib Dems leaflet is still of a low quality so you can’t actually see the photographs and you also have lots of orange toner all over the photographs to keep with the surreal nature of the leaflets. 

The yellow peril title their leaflet Third Time Lucky? It talks about Lib Dems sympathisers. Do people sympathise with the Lib Dems? Do you know anyone who has sympathy for the Lib Dems? No, me neither. It claims that this election is different. It certainly is! This election is like no other County or borough election fought outside St Margarets, in that the Lib Dems have produced a leaflet for the division. But without a little graph to say that only the Lib Dems can beat whoever. Because the Lib Dems clearly can’t beat anybody in St John’s division.

It mentions that Edward Packard is a history lecturer at the University of Suffolk. He mentions Ipswich’s great history. As a local historian,  we must presume that he is aware that the Liberal Democrats have never won in St John’s. He probably also knows that they never will.

He talks about tribal and partissn squabbling between the Conservatives  and labour and said that the Lib Dems are different and not into petty squabbles and tribalism. Is this the same Liberal Democrat Party whose leader has just Condemned all old people in the country for voting to leave the EU? Is this also the same Liberal Democrat Party that is against tribal and partisan squabbling that insisted that they were not going to work with Conservatives In or the Labour Party in Ipswich during the referendum campaign? Is this the same Liberal Democrat Party based in Ipswich that insisted that only they did anything in their beloved  St Margarets and insisted that they ran the thing and sent the then member of parliament for Ipswich on the day of the vote to a polling district that had been predominantly purple for two or three Council elections previous?

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