Labour junk mail in St John’s

Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been perusing the junk mail that Ipswich Labour have been putting through people’s doors in St John’s division. The first piece of junk mail has the title Introducing Sarah Adams. This is interesting because as the people in St John’s division tend to know what is going on, you would think that they would already know who Sarah Adams is as she has already being a county councillor. 

Another Labour leaflet has a pretty bad picture of her. The leaflet seems to have been made with Ipswich Labour’s special printing machine which can be set at an ultra low 200 dpi to make the leaflets look cheap and crap. 

Her out card says that she was brought up in St John’s Ward living in Trafalgar close. At county level, Trafalgar close is actually in Rushmere division and not St John’s division. How like Ipswich Labour to put something that would confuse the electorate! 

She talks about her proud record as a county councillor. If her record was so good why did the people of St Margaret’s decide to boot her out and replace with a Conservative councillor?

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