Sandy Martin has Betrayed the People of Ipswich

Sandy Martin has voted against the Brexit Bill which was a bill designed to repatriate powers from the undemocratic, poverty creating, federalist project that is the EU, in accordance with the clear instruction given to the government by the people of this country in the 2016 referendum on EU membership.

As 58% of the people of Ipswich voted to leave the EU and therefore voted to repatriate powers from Brussels, this is an outright betrayal by Alexander to his constituents.

So it has taken three months for it to be revealed that Sandy Martin MP is there to serve his own interests and the interests of the rancid Labour Party rather than serve his constituents by voting in accordance to their wishes.

Fortunately the enemies of democracy like Sandy Martin were unable to stop what the people want and therefore we are continuing as a nation on the road to Freedom.

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