Where are the 10000 Houses to be Built in Ipswich?

At tomorrows Full Council meeting the need for 100000 new homes is on the agenda. I would like to know where they are going to be built. After reading the report here I still don’t know.

Now we are aware that a number of houses shall be built in the Ipswich Garden Suburb. Before this is done, Westerfield Rail Station needs upgrading and the Northern Route needs to be built. Which it shall be after the Wet Dock Crossing. But where are the other houses going to be built?

One of the things Ipswich Labour is known for when it comes to building new homes, is removing assets of the town to make room for them like the airport. So what other asset of the town would Ipswich Labour have their eyes on to remove to provide housing? The council already owns the land where the home of the Pride of East Anglia is, so they would probably relish at the chance to get rid of such an asset especially as a number of them support that lot up the road. But though they would like to, they wouldn’t dare. So what other major asset could they remove? The only asset I can think of is Foxhall Stadium. This gives Ipswich Labour the advantage of blaming the neighbouring Conservative authority it is in. I have been unable to speak to anybody from any of the local authorities but as the junction improvements recently announce are on the East side of town, I am concerned.

Remember being told that the airport can be built on because RAF Woodbridge would replace it?

Any suggestion that Foxhall stadium can be built on because a new one will be built nearby must be treated with contempt. Such a thing was told to Norwich residents about the Norwich All Stars stadium once and the speedway team moved to Kings Lynn. Do we want the Witches to move to Newmarket?

If such a planning application came in, as I will be living in Suffolk Coastal then, at least one rejection shall be going in.

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1 Response to Where are the 10000 Houses to be Built in Ipswich?

  1. Jane says:

    What about house boats along the river? They are very desirable of course so on that basis I doubt Labour would let it proceed.


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