Ipswich Labour’s Plan for more social and economic deprivation

At last nights full council meeting we heard how Ipswich Labour plan to make Ipswich a run down ruinous mess with low quality employment, low wages with lots of people living in council houses dependant on benefit and therefore at Ipswich Labour’s mercy.

David Ellesmere made the factious claim that Conservative councils don’t want to build any houses and that the government is encouraging developers not to build any. He spoke against private ownership even though he owns the house he lives in himself. He also claimed that the Conservatives are against the Ipswich Garden Suburb.

Conservative councillor Richard Pope rebutted Ellesmere’s contentious claims. He also asked where they were going to be built and called for a mixed tenure rather than the ‘affordable housing’ Ipswich Labour want.

Labour’s Colin Kreidwolf talked about private renting and how residents in Westgate ward are fearful of being evicted and basically put it across that private landlords are evil, the fact that a number of Labour councillors present are private landlords demonstrated a type of double think. I found this somewhat emetic because when I spoke to councillor Kreidwolf about the deprivation in Westgate Ward he came across as being rather proud of the mess Ipswich Labour has made of a once nice area of town. He also claimed that some of the comments made by the Conservatives were disgusting.

Well I think what Ipswich Labour have done to Westgate Ward is disgusting. Westgate Ward needs a borough councillor who lives locally who would not stand for what Ipswich Labour has so masterfully achieved.

Labour’s Carole Jones, who as the portfolio holder for economic development has allowed part of her ward to economically decline so that it is now the cesspit of Ipswich, repeated the lie that the Conservatives are against the Ipswich Garden suburb. I presume that what she meant was that Ipswich Conservatives have consistently scrutinised the development properly. She then talked about mixed tenure in her usual waffly fashion.

Conservative councillor Eddy Philips said that it was wrong to put Labour Party slogans in such a paper like ‘bedroom tax’. At this East Anglia’s Premier political blogger voiced his approval from the gallery and was surprised that he didn’t  get another infraction from the mayor due to it. Councillor Phillips talked about how we want high quality jobs and high quality homes.

For the Conservatives, Councillor Cenci stated that when it comes to the Ipswich Garden Suburb the Conservatives have always been for infrastructure before expansion. She then asked what had been said that is disgusting. She also stated the fact that when the Conservatives were in control more houses were built than have been built under Labour. She also stated the fact that more affluent people are needed because the town votes for what they’ve always had.

Labour’s Neil Macdonald started talking about the deprivation Ipswich Labour has created  and said that 8000 properties have been lost through Right to Buy.

Ipswich is suffering economically due to this lousy Labour council  and Ipswich Labour want to keep it that way. They want to build cheap housing for people on low paid jobs rather than building more up market properties to encourage more affluent people to live here with more expendable income to boost the local economy. The whole idea of building more Band F properties within the Borough boundary to allow them to lower council tax so that people across the socio-economic spectrum have more expendable income to be spent locally boosting the economy is anathema to them. Ipswich Labour want more people in poverty so that they can use the poverty and deprivation they create as a weapon at election time. So their policies are designed to create more poverty and deprivation. They are such heartless, self serving people.


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