Lib Dem and Labour Party Conference’s

Last week was the Lib Dem Party Conference and this week was the Labour Party Conference. Last week’s Lib Dem Party Conference was filled with the usual, deal with ridiculous policies being announced. There was also lots of bawling and squalling and weeping and mourning and gnashing of teeth about Brexit.

They also showed how vile they are with Nick Clegg calling for all people who voted to leave the EU to die. Oh and according to Vince Cable I went to public school and campaigned for Brexit because I wanted to relive my dormitory pillow fights. What an absolute idiotic prat Vince Cable is! The fact that the other Lib Dems all cheered him as he said it shows how idiotic they all are.

We all knew that the Lib Dems are completely mad but we didn’t actually realise that Labour are even madder. We all presumed that Labour under Jeremy of Islington wanted to take us back to the 1970s. The last Labour conference this proved us to be wrong. Going back to the 1970s isn’t good enough for them. They want to go the full of Venezuela.

We also got to know a bit more about Jeremy Corbyn’s Brown Shirts, commonly known as Momentum. Because of the Momental brown shirts, BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg had to have a body guard at the conference. Not only this but Labour councillors and other Labour members were interrogated on entering the conference by Momental henctrots concerning what they’ve written on Twitter and on other social media outlets.

Also due to the Labour conference we found out just how much of a bunch of anti-semitic bastards a lot of them are. There was even calls to have Jewish members of the Labour Party expelled from the party for being Jewish.

We then heard from Jabbott the Hut that there needs to be black only shortlists in certain constituencies where a lot of black people live. What racist claptrap. Should we have white only lists with areas where lots of white people live? Of course not. I am making a hypothetico ad absurdum.

We also had lots of Jeremy Corbyn announcing stuff completely and utterly uncosted. For example, the re nationalisation of pfi’s I wonder if Comrade Jez has read the contracts concerning these pfi’s. No doubt the Antichrist when he set these pfi’s up gave the big businesses who were making them the best possible opportunities to keep making money so that any termination clause would be expensive to any government trying to terminate the contract. Of course when it comes to contracts and termination clauses the only understanding Jeremy Corbyn and many in the Labour Party today have of such things is in their dealings with terrorists like the IRA.

Labour want to nationalise everything and go the full of Venezuela.

When the options are the Euro federalist lunatics of the Lib Dems and the extreme left of the leninist corbynite Labour Party that would promise to nationalise everything and have momental Thugs patrolling the streets to make sure nobody says anything against their dear leader, there is no other alternative but to Vote Conservative.

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1 Response to Lib Dem and Labour Party Conference’s

  1. super blue says:

    LABOUR Councillor (Brighton and Hove) wrote to suggest that his own party conference might be banned from Brighton for anti-Semitism.
    There is always Nuremberg …

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