Therese Coffey on the Closure of Woods Lane

​I share the frustration of many local residents about the closure of Woods Lane in November and from January to mid-April. 

The road closure has been applied for by Bloor Homes specifically to connect the new housing estate to the water and sewerage network which runs under Woods Lane and to make transport improvements as required by planning consent. There is the opportunity to use this time to install all utilities to the development and I have alerted BT Openreach. 

I have expressed my concerns to Suffolk County Council and Bloor Homes directly, posing several questions on behalf of constituents. 

The highways engineers from the County Council have worked with Bloor Homes on the timetable of the closure. They assure me this is a reasonable time to complete such substantial works. Work should happen seven days a week with an extended working day.  I have asked for the precise hours and how this will be monitored. 

I questioned whether a one-way or traffic light system could be applied. For both phases of construction, it does not allow enough space for vehicles to safely pass but of course, access will be granted for those residents and businesses which only have entrances on Woods Lane to be accommodated.

I appreciate the disruption will be significant. This highlights strongly the issue of traffic and capacity of local infrastructure to accommodate further housing without significant improvements. I have been liaising with local councillors on this, particularly Councillor Nicoll, who has been working extensively on this.

Please contact your local councillors for further detailed queries.

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