‘Affordable Housing’ 

As I am currently living in Ipswich and plan to be living in Woodbridge soon, I would like to talk about the house building policies of the two councils.

The phrase ‘affordable housing’ is a phrase created by socialists to propagate the idea that the rich are providing houses that only they can afford at the expense of the Poor. 

By using the phrase ‘Affordable Housing’ Ipswich Labour can promise lots of cheap housing with a policy that involves building lots of council houses and having everything in council tax bands A and B which means that council tax in Ipswich is extortionatly high, meaning that more people are dependent on Council Tax Benefit and therefore dependent on the Labour Council. 

The Labour council’s policy also discourages people with money moving into Ipswich and investing their money in it, improving the local economy. 

Meanwhile in the neighbouring Conservative authority of Suffolk Coastal, all the houses that are being built are in council tax bands E and F meaning that people who were born in the vicinity can’t afford to buy a house there which makes it rather difficult if an elderly relative where they were brought up develops dementia while they are living in Ipswich, where all the cheap houses are. 

So basically we have one Council building lots of cheap housing and the next door Council building lots of expensive housing and both of them are wrong. 

There needs to be a balenced approach in both cases. 

Of course the Labour policy is the worse of the two because the lack of money coming into the town, is turning it into a shithole. 

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