Solidarity with Catalonia


What could Junker mean by that?

What he means is that he supports the brutality because if Catalonia left Spain it would automatically leave the EU and Catalonia just happens to be the part of Spain where most of the money is and he and his fellow racketeers like spending that money on chioce food and fine wine while people around Europe are living in sheds. He also means that he supports the police brutality because underneath that fluffy, liberal image they put across, the EU is run by a bunch of fascists.

Also, we must consider the fact that what happened in Catalonia is the standard form of policing in much of the EU and Juncker and Co like things across their federalist dictatorship harmonised. So if we were not leaving the EU we would probably have to see kettling replaced by rubber bullets, tear gas and brutal police violence.

Llibertat per a Catalunya


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2 Responses to Solidarity with Catalonia

  1. Jane says:

    The only votes the EUROPEAN union agree with is ones in favour of integration. The other votes they ignore like the strong anti constitution vote. They are more like the Soviets than modern Democrats.

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