I’m Standing with Theresa May

The two questions we are left with after party conference season;

Labour: How do we stop a run on the pound caused by our economic policies?

Conservative: How do we get letters to stick on a wall?

I know which party I would vote for.

This Momentum Labour Party is an utter disgrace. I believe Councillor Melanie Hampton puts the situation created by Corbyn’s fascist leftism well.

She says

I am a councillor in a Conservative controlled Borough in London. I have got to know my Labour counterparts and in the main worked well with them. I may not agree with them and on occasions passionately disagree with them but I respect them firstly as people and secondly for the sincerity the majority of councillor’s bring to their communities.

The rise of Momentum’s bile is plainly seen with sneering and even jeering when out canvassing but this is now infecting committee meetings and certainly the council. They have defied convention and shouted me down when I have been speaking in debates, formalities thrown to the wind as listening falls away from their lexicon.

Last week one of our more angry Labour councillor’s proudly announced on TV that you could never be friends with a Tory. What a very sad reflection not only on her humanity for her fellow man but also on the Labour Party. How can they hope to represent everyone with this terrible rage boiling away?

Have you ever seen a Conservative hang up a sign to welcome someone to their city saying that they want to hang someone who has a different opinion.

This Corbyn Labour Party and their Momentum engine don’t want a democracy they want to dominate and impoverish us all.

I totally agree with this. In the past I have got on well with members of the Labour Party who are councillors and who are not. I have also worked with them to bring about what benefits the community. This polemic, aggressive polarised politics of hate that has come about through Corbyn and Momentum is of no benefit to anybody.

Theresa May is an excellent Prime Minister and is the best person to lead us through Brexit. As October is a slow news month, the media are busy trying to find things to write about. Also as the media is lead by the Staylinist, Corbynite, Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune, they obviously want Brexit stopped and Labour in government. Usually the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune oozes bias nationally but locally operates by the integrity that it was founded on. But today I was shocked by an element of leftwing bias appearing on Radio Suffolk’s Mark Murphy’s Facebook page, claiming that her speech was a disaster. Aren’t politicians allowed to get the flu?

Backstabbing Duracell Bunny, Grant Shaps has announced that he is good enough to be prime minister. No he isn’t because Theresa May has the support of the Conservative Party grass roots, so if he managed to remove our brilliant Prime Minister and got down to the last two, we would make sure that he went down in flames.

Im standing with TM 16 May 2017 stf


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One Response to I’m Standing with Theresa May

  1. Jane says:

    This post is fantastic and worrying at the same time. Momentum are mostly a nasty bunch who are not interested in debate or reason. Therefore they are by their very nature anti democratic.

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