Chris Chambers secures street lighting in Jubilee Park Area


Conservative County Councillor, Chris Chambers has secured longer street lighting times in the Jubilee Park area. Lighting will be kept on permanently when the current temporary period ends. All roads between London Road and Bramford Road (East of Yarmouth Road) will see street lighting on permanently throughout the night.

These measures have been secured after Chris and fellow Conservative Borough Councillor Lee Reynolds, met with County Council Leader Colin Noble and Councillor Paul West, cabinet member for Ipswich, to discuss methods that can help to combat gang violence and criminal behaviour. We know people feel less safe when street lights are switched off and the the temporary period currently in place which has seen lights on throughout the night, expires early next year.

Chris says

“Getting lights switched on throughout the night in high crime areas was an issue I campaigned for and it is a pledge that I am happy to have fulfilled to the residents of the Jubilee Park area. I wanted to put people’s minds at rest and to take action early so we can concentrate on other steps to help combat the criminal behaviour that is currently plaguing the area.”

This is great news for Westgate residents and will give some peace of mind at night to residents, who are worried about criminal activities including drug dealing occurring at night.

The problems in the Jubilee Park area are complicated and many vulnerable people are being caught up by the gangs into unsavoury activities. We are working with other agencies to help alleviate the current problems, as we do not want to see our young people caught up by such criminal activity.

Meanwhile the other side of London Road in Gipping Ward which is affected by some of the same problems the lights are going off at midnight still. But that’s the difference between having Conservative Councillors who will do something and Labour Councillors who do nothing.

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2 Responses to Chris Chambers secures street lighting in Jubilee Park Area

  1. Julie says:

    This is why we need you to stand again in Gipping ward Kevin. Ipswich Labour are so rubbish.

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